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Paul Vaughan, Head of Perceptions and General Practice Nursing, NHS England and NHS Improvement (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the Nursing Now Campaign which aims to raise the status and profile of nursing to transform its perception
  • Discuss the role of ambassadors within the campaign and how they work with schools to encourage more young people into nursing
  • Exploring the projects that are helping to change the perceptions of nursing
  • Share a call to action and sketch out the plans for Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020
  • Setting the context for the investment in General Practice Nursing and the challenges ahead
  • Exploring the General Practice Nursing Ten Point Plan which aims to support the recruitment, retention and return of nurses in general practice
  • Share thoughts on the changing landscape and future of General Practice Nursing

Paul Vaughan, Head of Perceptions and General Practice Nursing, NHS England and NHS Improvement (CONFIRMED)

  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s new Future Nurse Standards, 1 year on – realising the benefits of the changes
  • A new strategy for the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Introducing the work on reviewing Post registration standards

Geraldine Walters, Director of Education and Standards, Nursing and Midwifery Council (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining the ‘All Our Health’ programme, which guides healthcare professionals in preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing through personalised care
  • Embedding prevention within day to day nursing practice to maximise impact on avoidable illness
  • Exploring the role of nurses in improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities
  • Assessing the next steps for nursing leaders in delivering integrated care and community-led solutions to support resilience and independence for patients

Professor Jamie Waterall, Deputy Chief Nurse, Public Health England (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the progress of the Royal College of Nursing’s Safe Staffing Campaign which aims to have enough nursing staff with the right skills and knowledge in the right place at the right time
  • Discussing the principles for staffing for safe and effective care, including accountability, numbers, strategy, plans and education
  • Considering what nurses might do to support this agenda

Stephanie Aiken, Interim Operational Manager (Yorkshire and Humber region), Royal College of Nursing (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining why nursing in social care needs a better profile and how to encourage more nurses into the social care setting
  • Exploring the different career pathways available to nurses including nursing associate programmes
  • Analysing how to instil digital confidence in nurses to effectively use technology and digital solutions to deliver effective health and social care

Liz Jones, Policy Director, National Care Forum (CONFIRMED)

  • Creating a leading programme in education and improved safety for staff which has become adopted by Health Education England as a national programme of education
  • Sharing the development of the ground breaking nasogastric tube e-learning tool that improves patient safety and reduces potential harm whilst training nurses
  • Using a whole systems approach through the e-learning tool to improve the confidence and competence of staff to ensure effective care

Winner of Patient Safety Improvement, Nursing Times Awards 2019

Tracy Earley, Consultant Nurse for Nutrition, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

Discuss with sector leaders how to develop effective programmes for the training of nurses, including: associate, apprenticeship and degree  and graduate entry programmes 

  • Discussing how to develop programmes which attract new nurses to improve recruitment and retention
  • Exploring ways to promote nursing as a career choice to people who have not traditionally considered nursing as a career
  • Sharing examples of best practice in the development of nursing associate and apprenticeship roles and how training was implemented
  • Exploring how to effectively work in partnership with universities to deliver outstanding learning and skill development
  • Outlining common challenges faced in the development of nursing training programmes and how to overcome these challenges

Katie Mansfield-Loynes, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Chester (CONFIRMED)
Annabel Coulson, Practice Learning Lead & Programme Leader for the LLR Nursing Associate Programme, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (CONFIRMED)
Nigel Davies, Head of Pre-Registration Nursing and Simulated Learning, University of East London (CONFIRMED)

  • Establishing a bespoke programme of work which offers education, training and support to local registered managers and nursing leads through peer-to-peer learning
  • Improving care delivery through developing strong nursing leads and empowering care home managers
  • Developing a pilot project to support nursing homes with their quality improvement initiatives through a red bag scheme in order to deliver high quality care
  • Helping improve CQC ratings of care homes and becoming a cohesive collective across the city to ensure no care homes in the locality are now under sanctions

Lindsay Rugman, Enhanced Health into Care Homes Manager (Quality Team), Southampton City CCG (CONFIRMED)
Carol Alstrom, Associate Director of Quality/Deputy Chief Nurse, NHS Southampton City Commissioning Group/Southampton City Council Integrated Commissioning Unit (CONFIRMED)

  • Developing GP placements for pre-registration nurses and Head and Social Care Students within General Practice
  • Tackling the shortage of nurses within general practice, specifically within rural regions to encourage recruitment and retention of GPNs
  • Supporting existing mentors to allow more practices to offer final management placements and facilitate student exposure to general practice (review of pilot to support management placements for Pre-registration students)
  • Supporting future recruitment and retention of nurses with the right skills for general practice, a review of local initiatives

Nicki Walsh, Programme Lead and International Associate, Undergraduate Programme Lead (Nursing) Bishop Grosseteste University (CONFIRMED)
Gill Beardmore, Primary Care Nurse Workforce Lead, Health Education England (CONFIRMED)

  • Developing and implementing a local CARE Excellence Accreditation Scheme to support quality improvement across our Trust
  • Piloting the programme by working in partnership with nine teams across different disciplines to develop bespoke standards
  • Creating a stepped approach to achieving accreditation including

Lisa Musselwhite, Interim Head of Nursing - Quality and Assurance, Surrey and Borders Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

*programme subject to change

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