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Gill Staton

Clinical Lead - Red2Green,
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Foundation Trust

Gill Staton was appointed as Head of Nursing for Patient flow and Discharge at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in 2018. In this role Gill is responsible for leading improvement programmes in support of the urgent and emergency care work streams – reducing the number of ‘stranded’ patients, reducing the number of readmissions to hospital and working with health and social care partner organisations to develop new integrated ‘Home First’ services for patients. Gill is a registered nurse – before moving into a number of clinical and change management roles within acute and tertiary centres she specialised as a cardiac nurse. Gill is committed to multidisciplinary and multiagency approaches to system change and is passionate about reducing the amount of wasted time in the patients journey.

  • Recognising unwarranted variation in delayed transfers and discharges in a senior nurse review
  • Adopting a nursing led strategy to transition to the NHS Red2Green Bed Days approach with morning clinical reviews and clear criteria for patient discharge
  • Assessing the role of acute nurses in supporting problem solving during the initial trials, sharing discharge data across teams and getting patients moving on wards to aid discharge
  • Evaluating the outcomes of the project with a reduction in bed occupancy and 10% increase in morning discharges