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Vanessa Waller

Director of Pre-Registration Nursing,
Anglia Ruskin University

Vanessa qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1992, working in Emergency Nursing in Salford before moving into Higher Education in 1999. She has extensive experience of pre and post-registration teaching, learning, assessing, curriculum design and curriculum development, and was responsible for the development, approval, implementation and management of the all-graduate nursing curriculum across Essex and Cambridgeshire. Vanessa works collaboratively with external stakeholders across Essex and Cambridgeshire to ensure high-quality, contemporary, fit-for-purpose nurse education. Based in the Peterborough campus, Vanessa is the Teaching and Learning Lead for the Department, supporting and developing innovative, high-quality education for students in nursing, social work, and education, and mentoring other members of academic staff. Vanessa is also the Practice Lead for the nursing course in the Peterborough region, with a role for monitoring and developing the clinical learning environment.

  • Sharing lessons in the development of the Nursing Associate role across key test sites and how the training and skill programmes were implemented
  • Assessing how to work effectively in partnership with universities to ensure learning aligns with the role successfully
  • Exploring how to effectively deploy nursing associates to ensure teams with skill mixes allowing registered nurses to lead on care delivery
  • Gaining practical insights into how nursing associates can be developed to bridge the gap between health and social care settings
  • Evaluating common challenges identified in the test programmes and the future of the nursing associate role